Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating is a long-lasting and durable    
used to obtain quality materials with good appearance    
method.    The technology involves powder coating of metal parts
provides.    Electrostatic powder coating gives metal parts a better quality    
creates a protective layer that gives an appearance.    
Electrostatic powder coating is the application of electricity    
by applying the flow of powder coatings with an air pump    
is formed.    The powder is kept on the electrode holder in solidified state.    
The powder to be applied is mixed with the solidified powder.
Electrostatic powder coating is used in the production of various materials.    
are used.    These materials include aluminium profiles, sheet metal profiles,    
steel profiles, wireframes, furniture parts, sheet metal works, plastic    
parts, automotive parts, pipe parts and other metal parts
are available.    
Electrostatic powder coating, higher protection of products    
as well as providing a better quality appearance.    This    
the products are easier to clean and last longer
it happens.    This method is easy at the same time to save energy    
also used to produce clean and durable materials.
Electrostatic powder coating can also be used to produce a thinner layer    
powder coating in many different colours used to create    
can be used.    In this way, the products have a better quality appearance    
and it is ensured to be durable for a longer period of time.
Electrostatic powder coating, various aluminium profiles    
is one of the most common technologies used in production.    For example,    
door and window constructions of aluminium profiles,    
electrostatic electrostatic in the use of heating pipes and lifts    
powder coating technology is used.    Thus, aluminium profiles    
durable and long-lasting.    Also, aluminium profiles    
provides a better quality appearance.    
Electrostatic powder coating, aluminium profile    
has been very popular in the sector.    Quality materials    
By using this technology in the production of metal parts, higher quality    
appearance and longer durability
is provided.

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