CNC Machine

CNC milling, which stands for Computer Numerical Control milling, is a machine that operates using computer-aided numerical control. CNC milling uses a rotating cutter to shape the surface or create holes in aluminum material.

Aluminum is a lightweight, durable, and easily machinable metal, making it a popular choice for CNC milling operations. Its low weight and high strength allow for a wide range of applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and many others.

Taking advantage of the high precision and machinability of aluminum, CNC milling enables the rapid, accurate, and repeatable production of aluminum parts. Therefore, it is a preferred method for many industries with aluminum machining needs.

Aluminum Part Manufacturing 

CNC milling is ideal for the production of aluminum parts. For example, custom parts can be cut, holes can be drilled, and shaping operations can be performed using aluminum blocks or sheets. This includes various applications such as industrial equipment, automotive parts, electronic components, and more.

Aluminum Prototype Production 

Designers and engineers can use CNC milling to quickly transform their ideas into aluminum prototypes. Aluminum is a suitable material for prototype parts as it is highly machinable and accurately represents the characteristics of the parts to be produced later.

Aluminum Tool Making

Aluminum is widely used in the production of tools. CNC milling can be used to manufacture aluminum cutting tools, milling tools, and special tools. These tools are optimized to process aluminum or aluminum alloys.

Specialized Aluminum Processing 

CNC milling is employed to process complex geometries and intricate patterns on aluminum. For example, CNC milling can be used to produce aluminum molds or gear wheels. The lightweight and strength properties of aluminum make it suitable for such specialized operations.


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